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Treeplast is a fully renewable and biodegradable composite based on wood. Despite containing no plastic, Treeplast is injection mouldable and can be processed to create objects with no shape restrictions. Skin-friendly, non-electrostatic, lightweight and available in a number of colours, Treeplast also possesses shock absorption properties similar to that of A.B.S.

Treeplast is composed of wood chips (Cellulose 30-50%), lignite, crushed corn (starch) and natural resins. With a density of 1.4 kg/m3, Treeplast has many of the same properties as medium density fiberboard (MDF) as well as the look and feel of wood. Treeplast can also be finished like wood and lacquered for outdoor use. Left untreated, Treeplast biodegrades in water within hours and within 4-6 weeks when left outside in sand or grass.

Treeplast products can be created in standard injection moulding machines with in either new or adapted moulds. In some instances, existing moulds can be used, thus offering an interesting bio-based alternative to many plastic products. However, although Treeplast is shrink-free, it requires processing at a lower temperature than plastic and takes twice as long to cool in the mould.

Applications for Treeplast are unlimited. Current applications include toys, packaging, acoustic packaging, televisions, brush handles and Tree-Pod – an ergonomically designed laptop stand.

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