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Providing answers to demands for new metal structures, Tribar offers multi-purpose applications for metal grids, meshes and corner solutions that are made with triangular steel. With rounded edges along their length, Tribar’s triangular steel products have a distinctive character and offer a noticeable ‘soft touch’ in comparison with other metal mesh and grid products. These three-sided bars are welded to points on their cross-connections, resulting in lattice-like panels that have a relatively large surface area while maintaining a high degree of transparency. Tribar grids and mesh panels can be galvanized and/or powder coated and can offer a smooth or non-slip finish. Each finish has its own distinctive look.

Tribar sheds new light on the use and application of metal grids and mesh while maintaining the traditional properties that such metal products are associated with. These Tribar products have many applications. They are especially suitable for use on stair treads, for partitioning, as a wall covering or façade, or as a base material for freestanding volumes. Tribar meshes and grids fulfill their function by permitting, filtering or blocking light as required as well as isolating noise. Additionally, Tribar can act as a feature visual element within a designed architectural space.

When installed adjacent to each other, Tribar panels give the visual effect of endless lines. This special characteristic is best demonstrated with the use of specially developed internal and external corners. In this way, the effect of endless lines can be created throughout an entire space. For stair treads, Tribar offers grated stair panels that lend a user-friendly character to relatively large surface areas. An additional practical advantage of this application is maximum dirt permeability. This is achieved through the use of triangular corners and a relatively large opening on the underside.

The Tribar basic range consists of several steel versions – flat or profiled – with 10, 12 or 15 mm bar widths. These triangular steels can be applied in grids or meshes with an individual bar spacing of choice. And depending upon the wishes of the user, the above standard bar widths can be adjusted. The cross-connections of the Tribar panels can be manufactured as strips or as round bars. When Tribar panels are used as treads, they are equipped with so-called ‘bridges’. These reinforcements on the lower side of the panels ensure that the tread does not sag. The height of this construction is adapted depending upon the length dimension of the panel. Specifications for this application can be provided on request.

Tribar products have an industrial and robust appearance, while not losing their attractive visual character. By varying bar spacing – or doubling-up the number of bars – numerous possibilities are created. Tribar products can be fully customised to the specific requirements of the user.

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