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Trosifol is the manufacturer of Trosifol PVB films for architectural glazing. Trosifol offers a wide range of products for different applications in architectural glazing. It’s available as safety glass. Glass laminated with Trosifol has good product properties in respect of safety, security, long term stability, noise reduction and uv protection. Furthermore Trosifol PVB films offer optical characteristics such as transparency and light stability.

Due to the many requirements for laminated safety glass Trosifol developed different types of film.

Trosifol MB is the standard product with high adhesion levels. Trosifol PR and Trosifol MV offer a higher penetration resistance.

Trosifol sound control is a new PVB film with noise reduction properties. Compared to a standard insulating glass unit of the same thickness it achieves an improvement in sound reduction of approx. 3 db. The manufacturing process of laminated safety glass with Trosifol sound control is the same as with standard products for architectural glazing.
Trosifol colour is a PVB film for coloured laminated safety glass. The 13 standard colours offer colour stability suitable for use in both in- and out-door applications. The colours can be combined to create an almost unlimited number of colour shades. Individual colours can be prepared on request.

All products are available refrigerated or interleaved.

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