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Ultraglass is a UV screen printing ink for packaging and restaurant glass free of heavy metals, solvents, halogens and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It is recyclable without leaving residues and it has good adhesion, scratch, alkaline, chemical, and dishwasher resistance.
Ultraglass is suitable also for highly stressed restaurant and container glass and it looks brilliant and glossy , with a color range suitable for all common color matching systems such as Pantone and RAL.
In addition, as a UV curable screen printing ink, it provides all the advantages of UV curing: high production speeds and good mesh opening.
The ink is suited for:
– Pre-treated, cold end coated packaging glass, e.g. drinking bottles
– Pre-treated and non pre-treated cosmetic bottles
– Pre-treated and non pre-treated restaurant glass, e.g. drinking glasses, ashtrays, vases
– Pre-treated and non pre-treated float glass for indoor use, e.g. gambling machines, glass for furniture, dividers, and many more

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