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Fascinating, magical, dreamy. In a word, unique, style proposed by Petracer’s with this new collection. The typical shape of the Provencal, is still one of the most classic and popular shapes in the history of ceramics. Behind this idea, Petracer’s was able to push the extreme technical possibilities of large sizes. The echo of the old style is amplified and found a new language, of great charm and dreamlike. Perfect for connoisseurs and lovers of history who do not renounce to the novelties.
Material of product: Gres porcelain
tiles: 50 X 100 cm
tozzetto: 29 x 45 cm
Available colours
Mirra, Porpora, Smeraldo, Tabacco
Available colours tozzetti
Mirra, Mirra metal, Porpora, Porpora metal, Smeraldo, Smeraldo metal, Tabacco, Tabacco metal, each one of them in three different kinds of graphics

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