Upcycled Carbon Black


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- story by MaterialDistrict

This granulate is made entirely of recycled tires and can be used as a pigment in polymers, ink, tires or paints.

Rigorous testing revealed the true versatility of the revolutionary, green carbon black and its suitability for applications where mechanical and dynamic performance are of critical importance. The grades act as a one-on-one, cost-efficient replacement for N330 and N660, providing comparable hardness with unique reinforcing characteristics and a PAH level below detection limits. There is also a dramatic synergistic effects when blended with N330.

Black Bear carbon blacks are nothing less than a full replacement in all master batch and adhesive applications. Lower processing costs can be achieved thanks to easier milling, and the products guarantee to deliver a sustainable carbon black with excellent weather ability, UV stability and high-tinting strength.

Pre-milled to an extremely fine particle size, carbon black is noted for its fast and easy dispersion properties, its consistent performance and dust-free handling. Yielding a particularly high wetness and tinting strength, this is an eco-friendly, full replacement carbon black for the industry’s tinting and full-tone applications.

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