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Colour and design are being used to create appealing and attractive spaces all round the world, from the eye-catching chartreuse glass enclosure of the Henry Hudson Hotel in New York to the brightly coloured glass blocks in the library and media centre in Peckham, an English suburb in southeast London. As the use of glazing in buildings continues to increase, architects, designers, and building owners are increasingly looking for glazing products to enhance the beauty, originality and quality of their projects.
Laminated glass contains a tough, resilient PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer, sandwiched between two or more panes of glass and permanently bonded using heat and pressure. The resulting laminated glass provides unmatched aesthetic, acoustic and structural benefits, increased security and enhanced safety. Up to four interlayers of coloured plastic, selected from a range of nine different colours, can be used to produce laminated glazing in any one of more than 600 transparent and translucent colours, ranging from bright, bold and vibrant to soft pastel, allowing colours to be customised to suit any taste. Unlike other methods of colouring glass, the interlayers used in laminated systems contain heat and light-stable pigments, rather
than dyes, so producing colours that are truer and longer-lasting. Laminated glass systems help to block the greater part of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation, protecting the building’s interior and furnishings from fading and deterioration. Vanceva interlayers are permanently laminated between two pieces of glass to form a durable and easily maintained glazing system.
The Vanceva Design custom colour interlayer system is based on hues of red, yellow, blue, black and white, and can produce a wider range of colours and moods than can be achieved using stock selections of glass. Vanceva Design interlayers can be combined to produce over 1,000 colour options, transparent, translucent or opaque, so allowing the creation of the perfect tone and intensity. Vanceva Design is proven for use in curtain walls, atriums, skylights, partitions and conference rooms. The combination of Vanceva Design colour interlayers and tinted or reflective glass provides a virtually endless range of design possibilities. Vanceva Design offers a full range of colours, ranging from neutral, soothing pale whites and browns to vibrant,
stunning bright purples and oranges.
Translucent colours If a frosted look is required to suit a particular design or provide privacy, a translucent colour can be created by adding one of the Vanceva Design white interlayers to the colour mix.

Opaque colours
Vanceva Design Pure White is an opaque white that can be added to any other colour selection to make that colour opaque. Pure White can be combined with any colour or Vanceva Design pattern, and also gives side of the glass a completely different

Metallic designs
Advanced Solar Protection Vanceva Design is available in three textures, honeycomb, sandstone and linen, and can be used to complement any of the other available colour and pattern options. Each design gives a unique metallic appearance with unmatched texture and depth. These metallic designs are printed to give a silvery finish that not only provides a sophisticated appearance but also reduces the transmission of solar radiation by reflecting light and heat. Being laminated between two pieces of glass, Vanceva Design interlayers are impossible to scratch.

Vanceva Design interlayers contain heat- and light-stable pigments rather than dyes to produce fade-resistant colours which retain their colourfast properties and structural stability even in the most rigorous test conditions. The colours are layered between two pieces of glass and so are easy to maintain and clean. Vanceva Design interlayers are available worldwide and replacement glass is easy to obtain.

Specifying Vanceva Design, Vanceva Design Formulation Codes
The Vanceva Design formulation code is a number identifying a particular colour. Since the maximum number of interlayers is four, each colour combination has been assigned a four-digit code.

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