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Varioplan Plus


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The base component of Varioplan Plus is Butzbach’s fibreglass, a material which they manufacture in a self-developed procedure and have been using to produce their industrial doors for over 20 years. Further development of this material under special consideration of the requirements of façade-construction led to a flexible system with good characteristics regarding costs and ease of handling.

Due to the design and structure of the panels the light is strewed diffusely; the light rays spread out in all directions, which illuminates the interior consistently.

Available colours are Brillant, Smaragd and Saphir. Butzbach provides the possibility to slide coloured strips inside the panels which makes a large spectrum of colours possible.

Thickness of the panel is 40 or 60mm, maximum width is 1000mm and maximum length is 5000mm. The wide spans let the façade light-weighted without the necessity of many aluminium profiles.

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