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Veritas resinart

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Veritas ResinArt™ Panels are made with a proprietary blend of polyester resin supplied by Eastman Chemical Company. Veritas is also available in a special UV inhibitor blend for exterior applications. Veritas ResinArt Panels flammability results are equivalent to Class A in gauges of 1/4″ or less when tested in accordance with NFPA 286 Corner Room Test 2006 edition. It is a system of design components including color, texture, prints and materials. Each can be specified singly or in combination for endless iterations. All types of surfaces are possible, from subtle finishes to deep textures, in one category. The small-scaled finishes combine easily with color, prints and materials. And the deeper textures are larger-scaled, incorporating a host of tactile and optical effects, allowing you to combine panels side by side. The interlayer choices range from small-scaled, tailored patterns and perforated metal simulations to larger-scaled, multi-layered geometric and botanical-inspired designs. Excellent screen-printing in solid and metallic inks makes these items wonderful carriers of color and patterning in commercial environments. Coupled with translucent color films, they multiply the depth and custom capabilities of Veritas. Another enticing interlayer element involves a multi-step process incorporating contemporary patterns created with real wood veneers.

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