Vintage Leather Belt

United Kingdom

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TING’s luxury leather flooring, is a new re-working of vintage leather belts to create a glossy and hardwearing surface. Available by the square foot, the patterned material is also suitable for table and bar tops, walls and feature areas, as well as floors. Each belt is hand selected to ensure a high grade of leather and then the belts are stripped of their buckles, rivets and stitching. Then hand cleaned with chemical free substance and prepared for use.
Finally they are laid carefully onto a reconstituted leather backing applied with a water-based glue. The vintage belts for each tile are carefully collated in-house as the colour and patterning on the belts is particular to each tile. This means no two tiles will ever be the same.
Standard tile sizes are :
12 x 12 inch ( 1 square foot )

18 x 18 inch ( 2.25 square foot )

The weight of one square foot is 0.35 to 0.5 kilo’s, one square metre is between 3.5 to 5 kilo’s.

The standard thickness of the finished element is 5 to 7 mm.

The belts are bonded to reconstituted leather backing as the tile base, creating a uniform leather product.

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