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Vinyl in welded Designs


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This supple material is made from vinyl that is welded in different designs. The PVC vinyl guarantees high technical specifications. The (upholstery) vinyl used has a foam backing which is bonded and embossed with high-frequency welding technology. It is most commonly used for upholstery, wall coverings and many other applications in interiors, transport solutions, etc.

Important material characteristics include durability, high tear strength, scratch resistance and UV resistance. Free of many pollutants, this material is also generally resistant to common elements such as perspiration, urine, saliva, (salt) water and many bacteria.

Available in more than 800 different colours and grains, the vinyl is available with 12 different welding designs, thus allowing production of a great deal of different articles from stock. These come at a minimum quantity of 10 m. Custom-made articles are available from 300 m on and widths start at 140 cm.

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