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Viroc is a composite material made of a dried and compressed mixture of pine wood particles and cement. It combines the flexibility and durability of wood with the strength of cement, thus allowing for a large range of both indoor and outdoor applications.

When sanded, the wood particles embedded within the material become visible, thus giving this material an interesting degree of design flexibility.

Viroc is non-toxic, it does not contain dangerous volatile compounds and is free of silica, asbestos and formaldehyde. It has good sound insulation properties due to its high weight. Viroc can be cut, drilled and sanded with tools and fastening systems identical to those used for wood. Furthermore, Viroc is highly effective in preventing the spread of fire.  According to the ignitability test conducted, it is classified as B-s1,  in accordance with EN 13501.

In terms of durability, Viroc will not degrade due to the action of living organisms such as fungi, termites, or any kind of insects. Impermeable to water and also resistant to water vapour, it will also not disaggregate under water.

Viroc board has a bending strength that enables it to be used as a resistant structural element. It is therefore used in flooring and as roof support.The characteristic breaking strength on bending is 10.5 N/mm2 with an elasticity modulus of 6000 N/mm2.


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