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This material is no longer available.

The Vitrum range by Ceramgres consists of hand-made glass tiles of different thickness:

Luxa has a thickness of 1 cm, making the tiles very shock-resistant while still allowing light to penetrate the glass, highlighting the irregularities of the glass. Musivum has a thickness of 4 mm and is available in many colours and formats.

Liqua is a tile with a liquid effect obtained from colours on glass baked at high temperature in a traditional oven. Each tile is unique because the irregularities in the tile vary, creating a different light refraction and thus a different liquefying effect.

High Tech proposes glass modules in which the metal tones of the base, available in five textures, is highlighted by the transparency of the glass used on the surface. Sticks are very thick glass strips with either a sand-blasted or glossy finish.

Vitrum Opus is a range of glass floor tiles in big formats. The glass is moulded in such a way that a soft satin effect finish is achieved. Twelve different colours are available.

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