voorBIJ© roadside grass paper


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VoorBIJ© is recycled paper with fibres from clippings from ecologically managed roadsides. For every 100 kilos of voorBIJ© paper 35 kilos of freshly mown roadside grass is used. By using roadside grass as a raw material for the paper, the stored CO2 in the clippings is not released and it acquires new value.

The clippings are processed in-house into a suitable raw material. Because the clippings do not remain on the verges, the soil deteriorates and offers opportunities for more different flowers, herbs and grasses. It provides nutrition and protection for all kinds of animals. The insects are on the menu of birds, bats and small mammals. In addition, herb-rich crops retain water better due to the more complex root structures and the soil remains firmer. When the flowers and herbs have finished blooming, the verge is mowed and the clippings are removed, dried, ground and used as raw material for new paper.

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