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Woodnotes Paper Yarn

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Woodnotes products are prepared using spun paper yarn a specialist material, in whose development Woodnotes already has almost 20 years’ experience. Paper yarn is a genuinely natural material made from an ecologically produced, renewable natural resource – wood. The strength and durability of paper yarn derive directly from wood fibre. Moreover, the compactness of the wood fibres means that paper yarn does not gather dust or dirt, an important feature particularly for those allergic to dust.

Woodnotes´ paper yarn is spun from kraft paper, which can be stored, recycled or burned to generate energy. The products are also biodegradable. Burning or decomposition releases carbon dioxide, which then re-enters the natural cycle. The white paper is produced without the use of chlorine gas. The pigments used in dyeing the threads of the yarn contain no organic halogen compounds or heavy metals. All Woodnotes products are made in Finland.

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