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Horsehair weaver Marianne Kemp, felt specialist Anneke van Hoogervorst have created a new series of textiles: a new line of Woven Wool and a new line of horsehair in combination with felt.

With the use of natural materials – wool, horsehair and linen- are combined into new textures with unexpected volume and dramatic curves.

The series Woven Wool is a simple weaving technique in felted wool with a dynamic and strong moving graphic effect.

The fabrics are handmade by the designers and are suitable for interior products: window / wall hangings, wall covering / panels, lamps and room dividers. They can also be constructed in a soundproof manner and are as such very much suitable to manage acoustic settings for large noise polluted spaces (dining and conferencing rooms). And as such visual attractive and Felt and horsehair are flame retardant from nature. For indoor use only.

Since all the fabrics are handmade, different sizes can be supplied.

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