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The patented Wovenit technology enables a textile product in a defined shape and surface design in a single pass without any waste material into finished – if necessary, with all the integrated fasteners.
The result is a complex three-dimensional structure of different surfaces without any cutting and expenses for clothing, and without further losses brought fully into the final product. The technique can be used for various raw materials, such as art or natural fibres and hybrid yarns. Even metal wire, glass fibres and leather laces have already been successfully processed.

With specially equipped machines, textile materials can be made in different colours, structures, patterns and structure combinations. It is also possible to combine a partially different strength and elasticity at every point of the product.

The processing technology is based on the development of volumetric spatial structures in the complex of three-dimensional knitting techniques. First, defined needles are gradually inactivated, with the stitches on the inactivated needles in position to remain calm. In a further step the needles are again reactivated gradually in the new mesh. The mesh will also selectively be reduced and then increased, which results in a so-called formcaptured element.

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