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Unwind the unexpected: FENIX® presents X-KIN® innovative wall coverings for interior design

FENIX® materials have been developed with a favourable product build-up and the implementation of a long- term sustainability strategy. Reducing the carbon footprint is a key part of the policy. As of December 2021, FENIX innovative materials  are carbon neutral.

Another key element of FENIX’s sustainability strategy is to offer high-quality, durable and long-lasting materials. The longer they last, the longer the period of time to spread the environmental impact associated with the production of raw materials and the manufacturing process. A long lifespan limits the need for replacement, which translates into less use of resources, lower emissions and waste.

At Architect@Work, FENIX is showcasing a new product line, its latest innovation: X-KIN® innovative wall coverings for interior design.

X-KIN is an adaptable surface material that can be applied to interior walls, just like wallpaper. X-KIN extends the FENIX system and shows its philosophy to improved material development, and reduce thicknesses in order to use less resources.

X-KIN is extremely matt, incredibly soft-to-the-touch, anti-fingerprint and with an excellent colour fastness to light.

It is available in four shades which harmoniously match to the colours of FENIX innovative materials: Rosso Jaipur, Verde Comodoro, Grigio Londra and Grigio Bromo.

X-KIN by FENIX is designed for walls and structural elements and amplifies the FENIX compositional creativity through multiple combinations with its innovative materials.

Thanks to its proprietary technology, X-KIN combines aesthetic beauty with technical performance, creating a unique and personal ambience.

An exciting new wall covering system designed for interiors.

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