Gerrit-Jan Teunissen – Building Healthy Buildings

Gerrit-Jan Teunissen is consultant at TRAJECT Adviseurs & Managers, specialized in energy, sustainability and health & wellbeing in the build environment. This session provides insight in methods which lead to application of healthy materials in buildings. The choice of materials is not been considered as important as other key issues such as energy performance. But nowadays, building materials determine if a building could be considered as green, sustainable or healthy. So do we know when to make important choices and where are these based on? There are a lot of methods/structures available who can assist in determining the materials which suit your project at best. This session is intended to provide insight in building and material certification, what driving factors they have, how to work with them and how the market is using them, illustrated by examples.

Lecture by Gerrit-Jan Teunissen
Language English
Location MDU 2022, Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht (NL)