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Simone Post – Post productions

Simone Post (*1990, Utrecht, the Netherlands) is a multidisciplinary designer with roots in textiles, based in Rotterdam. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with honors in 2015 and has won numerous national and international awards. Post’s work delves deep into color, surface, and print. Her works breath colour and optimism but at the same time are always asking substantive questions. 

For Simone the finished product is not necessarily the most interesting aspect of the design process. She has a penchant for the process itself, experimenting to discover the hidden potential of materials and techniques. Seeing the act of play as the essence of all. This always results in surprising outcomes exceeding the boundaries of materials, craftsmen and manufactures. 

Lecture by Simone Post
Language English
Location MDU 2022, Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht (NL)