The Brasiliana Collection Brings Brazilian History to Life

With the goal of bringing back 500 years of accumulated design and visual poetics, Oca Brasil, along with the creative consulting of surface designer Renata Rubim, brings the Brasiliana collection to life inspired through three distinct periods of Brazilian history: Tribal, Colonial and Modernist.

With ethnic and geometric motif, the tribal line represents a period before the Portuguese Colonization when several indigineous tribes, each with its own culture, dominated the national landscape. The series features three different patterns.

Going forward in history, the colonial line takes us to Colonial Brazil, where the Portuguese influence set the rules for society. The main inspirations for this line are the famous Portuguese tiles found throughout Brazil, with their attention to details and vast representation of geometric and organic forms.

The modernist movement guides the third line of the Brasiliana Collection. Inpired by Burle Marx’s work, the patterns are abstract with strong traces from concretism and construtivism. The market leader in certified wood natural coatings, Oca Brasil conceived the Brasiliana Collection in the traditional format of Portuguese tiles, measuring 20x20cm. Manufactured in panels of eucalipt or Valchromat (engineered colored wood), the panels are available in many colour treatments, such as gloss laquer or matte. Every square meter fits 25 tiles which depict, each with their own aesthetic and personality, and period in Brazilian history