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Marmoreal by Max Lamb for Dzek

Created by British designer Max Lamb for Dzek, Marmoreal is an engineered marble used for architectural applications. Made up of historically significant Italian marbles, Marmoreal explores the individual qualities of these natural stone materials, while acknowledging that the sum of its parts makes for something far more compelling.

Meaning ‘like marble,’ Marmoreal is composed of approximately 95 percent marble and 5 percent polyester resin binders. For the first Marmoreal composition, Lamb selected Rosso Verona, Giallo Mori, Verde Alpi, and Bianco Verona – all Italian marble types that feature unique  colours and textures. Balancing 15th-century craft traditions with modern engineered-stone technologies, this material can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Furthermore, this developed material acts as the foundation for the designers to explore form and develop unique furnishings and objects. Max Lamb’s Marmoreal furniture designs are both architectonic and economic. Lamb was particularly conscious of creating the least amount of waste possible in the construction of these furnishings since Marmoreal is already made using dimension quarrying waste materials. Each piece of furniture was designed around the standard tile and slab dimensions, ensuring the most efficient use of the material.

Marmoreal bathroom furniture follows the same attitudes towards material use. Max Lamb began his examination of bathroom design by questioning the origins of our personal maintenance habits: specifically, whether they’ve been informed by mass standardization, or whether this standardization was born of human necessity. His daily bathing routine was an important reference point, and inspired a desire to eliminate the things he deemed unnecessary or ill considered in the standardized modern bathroom. As a result, each of his bathroom furnishings became different from the typical standards made of ceramic, steel and plastic that we are familiar with.

About Max Lamb:

Max Lamb received his MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2006. He currently lives in London, where he continues to develop new material-based designs that challenge tradition through a pragmatic, concise, process-driven approach. While Lamb is best known as a studio designer, making coveted one-off and small-edition works, he has successfully collaborated with several esteemed industrial manufacturers and design producers.