The world’s first 3D printed green wall with embedded drainage

German industrial 3D printing company BigRep revealed what they call the world’s first fully Additively Manufactured green wall with an innovative embedded water supply and drainage system, called Banyan Eco Wall.

An industry-first, the prototype of the wall has an embedded drainage system that was created during the printing process. Earlier, green walls like this either relied on drainage systems that were integrated at a later stage or consisted of various complex parts.

The drainage system, however, is crucial, since the wall also has an integrated irrigation system. It provides a controlled supply of water at the required intervals, while the drainage system ensures that excess water is removed.

The Banyan Eco Wall was inspired by the multipurpose properties of plants’ systems (like the roots, stem, and leaves). It simultaneously functions as a support structure for plants and a supply system for water. The structure measures 2 x 2 x 0.60 metres (6.6 x 6.6 x 2 feet) and its bionic design contains miniature internal channels for optimal water flow. The system has also an integrated ‘micro shower’ mechanism to irrigate the plants.

“For the first time, thanks to AM and advanced CAD software, it is now possible to create complex functional designs within a fully digitized process chain,” BigRep CEO Stephan Beyer says.

The system was designed to inspire interior designers and architect to add more plant walls, green façades and vertical gardens in homes and workplaces.

The wall was developed by NOWLAB, the BigRep Innovation Constancy, and could only be produced on the wold’s largest serial production 3D printers (FFF) by BigRep.

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Photos: NOWLAB / BigRep GmbH