Lamps made of fallen leaves

Italian designer Jasmin Castagnaro designed light shades and other products made with naturally fallen leaves and bioresin.

The project comes forth of Castagnaro’s desire to find alternative materials to plastic and using the natural resources around us. The first product that emerged is LAAB-Light & Leaves, a series of lamps. The light shades are made with fallen leaves. The word “LAAB” means ‘leaves’ in the South Tyrolean dialect.

In autumn, Castagnaro collects dry leaves that have naturally fallen on the ground. These leaves are sorted by colour and type, after which they are crushed by hand and mixed with natural glues and bioresins. This mixture is added to a reusable wooden mould that produces the lamps in a single cast without dividing lines.

The colour of the lamps is determined by the colour of the leaves. Because the they are made of natural materials and handmade, each lamp has a unique pattern and translucency. “The exceptional feature of this new material is to let light shine through very unique textures,” Castagnaro comments. “Each lamp or surface is an exclusive piece, shades of colours create a very individual, warm and welcoming atmosphere and turn every room into something very special.”

In addition to hanging lamps, Castagnaro also designed a floor lamp, coasters and a coffee table using the same material.

LAAB is the first material in Castagnaro’s Recycled Nature Collection. The product was nominated for the German Design Awards 2019 and selected for the Green Product Award 2019.

Photos: Jasmin Castagnaro