3D printed soft seating by Lilian van Daal at MaterialXperience 2015

MaterialXperience 2015 offers the opportunity to see Lilian van Daal’s incredible 3D printed soft seating in person. In addition, van Daal will give at lecture at this event on February 9th (@15.00 hrs) about biomimicry, 3D printing and her inspiring work. You can get your free ticket to this event here.

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Lilian van Daal tests the limits of 3D printing and materials. In nature, many efficient structures are found that cannot be reproduced with standard production techniques. But for designers such as van Daal, 3D printing technology is quickly changing this. Through her explorations with 3D printing, she found that depending upon how the material is distributed, some parts of a printed structure have the ability to be soft, while other parts rigid. In areas with reduced printing density, there is more flexibility. Where strength and rigidity are required, the amount of material is increased. Using this principle, she modelled her soft seating with 3D modelling software and the first prototype was created with the help of 3D Systems Benelux.

3d printing soft seating offers the advantage of being able to print a complex product with one material in one factory only – whereas traditional couches, chairs and soft seating require a number of materials and processing techniques to create the frame, padding, cushions etc. 3D printing offers an additional environmental benefit by simplifying production techniques and reducing pollution resulting from transport.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this event for free! You can find out more about MaterialXperience 2015 here.