Material Xperience 2015

Material Xperience is the leading trade event for (interior) architects and creative professionals focused on materials, innovation and inspiration. In 2015, the content and speaker programme at Material Xperience will explore the theme of ‘The Five Senses’.

We live both consciously and unconsciously in our environment through touch, sight, hearing, taste and sense of smell. Good design and conscious material choice can positively influence one’s perception of the surrounding environment. This is not only terms of atmosphere and comfort, but also in terms of enhancing performance in schools, offices, care environments, shops and restaurants. A good `sensorial` design always delivers!

For knowledge junkies, Materia has invited inspiring experts, visionaries and innovators from diverse corners of the world. In short, everything you always wanted to know about the wonderful world of the senses will come to the forefront in a number of ways at this edition of Material Xperience.

Return this year to experience materials during Material Xperience and be inspired by the experts in the seminar program. This program will focus each day on a specific sector with six inspiring speakers per day.

Here’s a hint of what to expect:

Monday, 9 February: Schools
Expert lecture on the importance of colour, sound, smell and touch and their ability to maximize both students and staff alertness, concentration, social behaviour, learning and curiosity.
An architect-lead lecture on the design of education buildings for the future.

Tuesday, 10 February: Retail
Expert lecture on how external stimuli may unconsciously encourage the purchasing behaviour of customers. Architect-lead lecture about new architectural experiences within high-profile retail concepts for the future. What benefits can `Brick & Mortar` provide to a physical store environment in order to make gains against increasing internet sales?

Wednesday, 11 February: Hospitality
Expert lecture on the ability of the senses to generate feelings of home, comfortable luxury and indulgence within hotel and catering environments. An architect-lead lecture about shaping an illusion, a dream world and the desired atmosphere for one of the world’s most innovative hotel chains.

Thursday, 12 February: The Office
Work, relaxation, performance: how can colour, smell and light be utilised as a means of creating the optimal working environment? An expert will tell us all about it. An architect-lead lecture about the much talked about flex office concept where work, play and entertainment merge seamlessly together.

Friday, 13 February: Care Sector
The importance of the healing environment has already been in the spotlight for some time. It has been proven that the absence of stress-inducing stimuli can aid the healing process. An expert will explain how and why the proper use of colour, acoustics and lighting can lead to an optimal healing environment. An architect-lead lecture on the application of the latest ‘healing’ insights into the design, layout and materials used in new hospital styles.

Registration is free so start 2015 with plenty of material inspiration!