Materia Exhibition – Future Skins

Materia will be at the Surface 2014 event in Den Bosch from 7-9 October with the exhibit “Future Skins.” This exhibition is entirely devoted to innovative surface materials.

The surface, or skin, of every product has a difficult task. It must withstand wind and rain, scratches, corrosive chemicals, air pollution, UV rays, cleaning and abrasion. Furthermore, surfaces are increasingly expected to be high performing: absorbing C02, saving or generating energy, changing colour, regulating noise and incoming daylight, absorbing vibration, neutralising unpleasant odours and protecting the environment in general.

Technical developments are seemingly endless and the latest surface innovations can be seen in this exhibition. Examples include a surface structure made using a 3D printing technique, a very strong and lightweight nanocrystaline metal/polymer called Metafuse, the acrylic Sibuglas with its decorative and glossy appearance, lightweight veneer layers of concrete coatings that purify the air, and of course, photochromic, electrochromic and thermochromic coatings that respond to changes in the environment.


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See you in Den Bosch!