3D printed wave break modules made of local shell waste

Australian multidisciplinary design company Reef Design Lab designed a series of specialised wave break modules, to prevent further erosion along the beach.

Reef Design Lab specialises in developing marine habitat infrastructure for a range of research and commercial applications.

Called Erosion Mitigation Units (EMU), the specialised wave break modules were designed for the city of Greater Geelong in Australia, but have also been installed in Dell Eco Reef in Clifton Springs Victoria Australia. They have been designed to reduce the force of waves and prevent further erosion along the beach while providing optimised habitat for colonising species.

The undulating modules allow people to snorkel through the system at high tide and explore the rock pools at low tide just like a natural rocky reef. The 200cm wide units were manufactured from an eco-blend concrete mixture and locally sourced recycled shell aggregate.

Photos: Reef Design Lab