3D printing ceramics using water power

In a work-in-process project called 360° Under Water, design studio OJEAM Studio created a 3D printer that prints ceramic containers, powered by a water mill.

OJEAM Studio developed the 3D printer for Résvés Mértola 2016 for FBAUL with the intent of a cultural integration in the village Mértola in Portugal. The team was inspired by the river Guadiana, which is the most important way of communication and interconnection between Mértola and the rest of Portugal. Through the decades, the river worked as commercial port centre, for the transport of objects and food containers, such as amphorae.

Inspired by this history, the design studio developed a ceramic 3D printer. The printer is powered by a watermill, which activates both a rotating potter’s wheel and the extruder to print ceramic containers. The ceramics are a homage to the artefacts found during excavations in the area.

In addition, the project is an approach to the massive evolution of technology, which allows us to build almost everything faster. 360° Under Water intends to show how we sometimes should take a step back and enjoy the process of making and creating.

Photos: OJEAM Studio