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Omdanne collection consists of biodegradable, multifunctional clothing

In response to fast fashion, clothing company SOLVE created the Omdanne collection, consisting of three 100 per cent biodegradable pieces of clothing, each transforming in over 10 different styles.

Every year, the fast fashion industry produces 53 million tons of clothing, 87 per cent of which ends up on the landfill.

In an attempt to fight this, the Omdanne collection is made from 100 per cent Tencel Lyocell fibre, an artificial cellulosic fibre derived from eucalyptus trees. The fibres absorb moisture and release it to the outside, leaving the clothes feeling fresh for a long time.

The material is made in a close looped system. The fibres come from sustainably manages forests in Europe, and the fabric contains no harmful chemicals, toxic solvents or reactive dyes. The textile is bleached using hydrogen peroxide, resulting in an off-white colour.

To test the biodegradability of the fabric, it was placed in a container that was filled with standardised soil. After 4 weeks, the fabric was largely biodegraded.

The collection consists of three pieces, which can each transform into over 10 different styles. The styles range from jumpsuits to dresses and boleros, discouraging the need to buy various items. The T garment is “a mix of active, casual and elegant”, the R garment is “a mix of casual chic and elegant” and the E garment is “a mix of casual chic and active”.

The garments are fixed using powerful magnets, which are detachable so that the clothes can be safely composed. Because the magnets are not fixed, the user has endless options for how to wear the garments. SOLVE provides tutorials for how to make the most of your garment.

Photographer: Viktor Jelinek, Retoucher: Alexandra Petcu, Model: Alexandra Rehusova, Styling: Nora Jelinek