Materia becomes MaterialDistrict: 1 brand, 1 mission

Starting today, Materia changed its name to MaterialDistrict. Why this decision and what will this entail, for us and for you?

Why change the name?
20 years ago, Materia was founded as a material library. Over the years, the brand evolved into a global platform; became the world’s leading website in the field of innovative materials, and Materia’s curated material exhibitions are displayed at numerous shows around the world from Paris to Beijing. In 2006, Materia launched the annual trade fair Material Xperience, followed a few years later by Material Xperience On Tour, a small-scale version of the trade fair traveling along famous shows such as METSTRADE and World Architecture Festival.

With each of Materia’s activities having their own brand name, there was limited cross-pollination between them, inhibiting future growth. That’s why we decided to continue under one international brand, with one mission: MaterialDistrictMake it Matter

What are the consequences of the name change?
The brands Materia, Materia Exhibitions, Material Xperience, and Material Xperience On Tour all disappear, but the activities of the company remain the same and will continue under the new name MaterialDistrict with a sublabel. becomes, Material Xperience becomes MaterialDistrict Rotterdam, Material Xperience On Tour becomes MaterialDistrict Pop-Up, and you can find our lectures under the name MaterialDistrict Talks. Our curated material exhibitions at trade fairs like ARCHITECT@WORK and showrooms such as Broeinest will henceforth be known as MaterialDistrict Expo.

Our goal, to be a matchmaking platform between manufacturers and R&D/design professionals, remains the same.

Why call it MaterialDistrict?
We wanted a name that would aptly describe what we are, both online and offline: a place where material takes centre stage.

Why this logo and payoff?
The logo, designed by graphic design firm Houdbaar, consists of two times the letter M, once upright and once transverse, creating a defined area or district, one in which materials take centre stage. The payoff, Make it Matter, describes the need for good ideas to be materialised (both literally and figuratively), but also that these ideas should matter.

What is the future of MaterialDistrict?
The world in which we live, work and play, as well as the things we design and create, they are all made from materials. In a society in which traditional resources are depleting, sustainability and durability becomes increasingly important. As environmental consequences of past material choices becoming evident, the need to develop and use innovative, sustainable materials will only increase.

This is where MaterialDistrict comes in: we are the only matchmaking platform in the world between R&D/design professional and manufacturer, between material needs and material solutions, within the six market sectors of Architecture, Interiors, Apparel & Textiles, Urban & Landscapes, Products, and Graphic & Packaging. By matching these parties, we stimulate material innovation, the driving force behind technical, environmental, economic and aesthetic development.

What does the name change mean for me?
Practically, nothing changes for you. Our website has a new design and URL, but you will still find daily articles about the latest and most innovative materials. If you follow us on social media, you will keep doing so, but under our new name, and our newsletter subscribers will continue to receive the weekly newsletter.

For those who aren’t following us yet; we bring material innovation on your doorstep via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and our weekly newsletter.

Where can I find MaterialDistrict?
The first trade fairs where you can find us under our name are MoOD (11-13 September) and ARCHITECT@WORK Rotterdam (12-13 September). Check our event page to see when we have an Expo, Pop-Up, or Talk near you.

We hope to see you there, and until then: Make it Matter!