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Eyewear made of recycled clothes

Published 1 day ago by Sigrid | no responses

German start-up Kleiderly recycles waste clothing into a new material that they use to make sunglasses. There is 5.5 kilograms of textile waste per person in Europe, annually. Around 80 per cent is made of ...

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MaterialDistrict Utrecht announces its 16th edition

Published 4 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

MaterialDistrict Utrecht, the show for the latest trends in material innovation for architecture and interior design, announces its 16th edition, taking place from 8-10 March 2023 at Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht, the Netherlands. This year’s event, themed ...

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A helmet made of upcycled shell waste

Published 2 weeks ago by Sigrid | no responses

Japanese company Koushi Chemical Industry, in collaboration with the village of Sarufutsu, developed a helmet made with discarded shell from the food industry. Shellfish use their shells to protect themselves against enemies. Scallops are the ...

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Mars-approved tires for your bike

Published 2 weeks ago by Sigrid | no responses

US-based SMART Tire Company developed the first ‘space-age alloy’ bike tire that is available for commercial use later this year. The so-called METL tire is made from Shape Memory Alloy Radical Technology (SMART), a superelastic ...

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The first biobased water pipeline in the Netherlands

Published 1 month ago by Sigrid | one response

Oirschot, a municipality and a town near Eindhoven in the Netherlands, will be the first to use biobased water pipelines as alternative to petroleum-based PVC ones. The pipe is still made of PVC, exactly the ...

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Furniture made of recycled paper

Published 1 month ago by Sigrid | no responses

Danish company Paper Paste Living creates interior products like furniture and lamps of recycled post-consumer paper. The products are designed by the Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co and produced by artisans near Barcelona ...

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