A façade mimicking a billowing transparent cloth

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Dutch architectural studio UNStudio completed the renovation of the façade of P.C. Hooftstraat 138 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, mimicking a billowing transparent cloth by making use of curved glass panels. According to the studio, “the ...

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Water harvesting façade panels

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Inspired by the drought in her native country South Africa, Netherlands-based designer Shaakira Jassat designed Aquatecture, façade panels designed to harvest rain water. In Cape Town, water became so scarce last year that a date ...

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Draining paving tiles made of dredged sludge

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Dutch start-up Waterweg developed a way to reuse dredge by turning it into water-permeable street tiles, offering a sustainable way to counter flooding in cities. To prevent canals and rivers from becoming silted over time ...

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Prosthetic limbs made from recycled plastic bottles

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Dr Karthikeyan Kandan, senior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) in the UK, developed a method to create prosthetic limb sockets made from recycled plastic bottles. Around the world, more than ...

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A steam-bent hardwood pavilion made with AR

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Winner of this year’s Tallinn Architectural Biennial event in Estonia, the Steampunk pavilion is a steam-bent hardwood pavilion, made using primitive hand tools augmented with the precision of intelligent holographic guides. Designed by Gwyllim Jahn ...

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Inflatable leather furniture

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Eindhoven-based designer Satomi Minoshima designed leather-covered inflatable furniture to increase their value and thus their lifespan. Inflatable products are light and portable. With only the need for a pump or just your mouth, furniture like ...

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