MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2023 shows there is great interest in sustainable materials

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Despite the snow and the regional transport strike, more than 4,400 architects, interior architects and other material specifiers came to MaterialDistrict Utrecht, the leading material innovation event that took place from Wednesday 8 to Friday ...

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Bioluminescent house plants

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Plant science company Light Bio is working to create bioluminescent house plants by applying synthetic biology. Bioluminescence is a natural occurring phenomenon. It can be seen in plankton and some other animals like fireflies and ...

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Compostable cling wrap made with food waste

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Great Wrap, an Australian biomaterials company, developed a compostable bioplastic alternative to cling wrap, made from waste potatoes. Cling wrap is a translucent plastic film, usually made of polyethylene, used often to keep food fresh. ...

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Flexible real gold

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Swiss jeweller and watchmaker Giberg developed a flexible 14-carat real gold for jewellery. Called AutoTwist, the material was developed with experts in the field of micro-vulcanisation over several years of intensive research. It consists of ...

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The world’s first 3D printed concrete film studio

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Designer Philipp Aduatz, in collaboration with set designer Dominik Freynschlag and 3D concrete printing manufacturer incremental3d, 3D printed a film studio of concrete. The concrete wall was printed using a special mortar based on white ...

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A solar panel that looks like a ceramic roof tile

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Italian company Dyaqua developed solar panels that look like real terracotta roof tiles. While solar panels are necessary for the energy transition, their aesthetics are a reason some people don’t want them, or why they ...

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