A cantilevered wooden roof and glass structure

Designed by the design studio Foster + Partners, the largest Apple store in Thailand features a glass structure and a large, cantilevered wooden roof supported by a central pillar.

Called Apple Central World, the store in Bangkok consists of a 25-metre (80-foot) diameter, two storey glass drum, with conical support and a concave vertical surface that stands on its apex. The form was generated by a 360° Bezier curve, a parametric curve used in computer graphics.

In the middle, the column supporting the roof is clad in 1,461 European white oak profiles. The oak timber is split into individual lamellas and bonded onto a spruce core for stability. The edges of each slat allowed air to be extracted out through the central structure with an absorptive acoustic backing layer.

The column seamlessly transfers into the cantilevered wood-clad circular roof.

A staircase of stainless steel connects the two floor levels. Each thread is milled from slid blocks of stainless steel.

The fully glazed drum provides a 360 degree-view of the city.

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Photos: Apple