Tomorrow’s Timber shows the way towards the next building revolution

Timber has evolved from a traditional building material to ‘mass timber’, an engineered high- performance product from which complete construction systems and even high-rise buildings can be made. Tomorrow’s Timber, written by Pablo van der Lugt, shows how mass timber has the potential to usher an ecological, technical, and well-being revolution in the way we build.

In Tomorrow’s Timber, new timber innovations are explored, including the materials, products, elements and complete building systems, providing context for this emerging shift in design and construction. Inspiring case studies worldwide show that the mass timber revolution is happening as we speak. Tomorrow’s Timber contextualizes the challenges and how forests and mass timber can help solve our global problems by mitigating climate change while supporting the move to a less resource dependent, circular bio-based economy. Finally, the book tackles real mass timber design opportunities and challenges on building and site level, before providing a promising outlook towards the future.

Tomorrow’s Timber is an informative and important resource for those committed to restoring our balance with the planet while serving the necessities of humankind. Abundantly illustrated, Tomorrow’s Timber covers all the above topics based on the latest scientific insights and statistics and lessons learned from practice.

The publication of the book was supported by ACCSYS Technologies, PEFC Netherlands, LÜNING Structural Engineers, DERIX GmbH & Co., and FSC Netherlands.

About the authors
Lead author Pablo van der Lugt (PhD MSc) is a senior sustainability consultant for the wood and bamboo industry as well as a lecturer in Biobased Building at Delft University of Technology (Environmental Technology & Design). Previously he wrote Booming Bamboo, also published by MaterialDistrict.

Co-author Atto Harsta (MSc) is an independent innovation consultant for the building industry and architecture with more than twenty years’ experience, focused on contributing to a healthy and circular built environment.

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