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A chair made of recycled plastic waste

Creative platform Space Available collaborated with DJ Peggy Gou to design ‘Trash to Chair’, a chair made of 20 kg of recycled plastic waste derived from the ocean and landfills.

Space Available aims to create awareness of the plastic pollution crisis and inspire change through circular design and culture. 8.3 billion tonnes of virgin plastic products are created worldwide, only 8 per cent of which is recycled, while the vast majority ends up on landfills or worse, in the ocean where it slowly falls apart into microplastics.

The chair is made of 20 kg of plastic waste, which is shown by the swirly design of the material. True to the name of the platform, the chair also offers some space between the legs to store objects like books or records.

The chair is launched as pre order on 28 June exclusively at Mr Porter.

Photos: Space Available