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Interior objects made of food and agricultural waste

Bio-tech start-up Ottan develops, designs and produces bio-composite materials by up-cycling food and agricultural waste. The materials can be used to make cladding, furniture, housewares, and more.

Ottan’s founder Ayse Yilmaz realised during her studies that natural resources like forests are rapidly declining and that we are currently extracting natural resources 75% more than the earth can sustain, while wasting 1.3 billion tonnes of food annually.

Ottan creates various materials using the mechanical specifications of each type of waste as an advantage, for example, floor coverings made of the durable structure of walnut shells, or acoustic panels with a felt-like surface from the soft touch of grass. The waste is locally soured, and Ottan’s materials can be used to replace wood, stone or acrylic solid surfaces.

Images: Ottan