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Sneakers made of recycled bubble wrap

German innovative shoe brand nat-2 developed a sneaker made of recycled bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is a common packaging material – and entertaining pastime to some – and is made of LDPF (low density polyethylene film) that is not always recycled.

To combat the plastic problem, the brand Remeant developed a leather-like material made of single use plastic, including bubble wrap. The material is durable, waterproof, easy to clean and lightweight.

nat-2 used the bubble wrap ‘leather’, which is 100% vegan, to design a series of sneakers in various shades and colours. The lining made from socalled bioceramic yarn, which is made in Germany from ceramic fibres and silver yarn. The yarn is anti-bacterial and climate-regulating. The insole is made of real cork, while the outsoles are made of rubber and the laces of recycled PET.

The sneakers are handmade in Italy.

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Photos: nat-2