MaterialDistrict Utrecht postponed to spring 2022

MaterialDistrict Utrecht has been postponed to 5-7 April 2022, the organizer announced today. This was decided in close consultation with the exhibitors and the event partners involved. The reason to move the inspiration event for the (interior) architect from 15-17 September 2021 to the spring of 2022 is that the market needs more time to regain the confidence to fully participate in events again.

“As long as I have been an entrepreneur, my motto has been: ‘I do it right or I don’t do it’. At the moment, the circumstances are still too uncertain to guarantee our exhibitors and visitors the quality and experience they are used to from us in September. Unfortunately, we still see too much reservation in the market to participate in trade show in September. In addition, it is still unclear under what circumstances and conditions we can receive our visitors during this period. Quality is our top priority; it is therefore a logical decision for us to move the event to spring, the period in which MaterialDistrict traditionally takes place,” says Jeroen van Oostveen, director of MaterialDistrict.

Society in the Netherlands is currently being reopened at a rapid pace by the government. Last Friday, the cabinet announced that large-scale one-day outdoor events can take place again from 30 June and that there will also be extensions for so-called transfer locations such as trade shows. MaterialDistrict is very excited about this news, but unfortunately it comes too late for the company. “Organizing an event like ours requires months of preparation from us and our exhibitors. With summer vacation approaching, it is impossible for us to catch up. We will simply no longer be able to get the exhibitor range to the qualitative and quantitative level that our visitors expect from us.”

In order to offer clarity and certainty to all exhibitors and visitors, it has been decided to move MaterialDistrict Utrecht to 5-7 April 2022 in Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht, the Netherlands. The layout of the exhibition floor, the exhibitors involved and the speaker programme will be transferred to these new dates as much as possible. The exhibitors have now been informed and are understanding of the decision. The organization announces that after the summer vacation it is possible to register for the available stands and that visitors are expected to be able to get a ticket from February 2022.