A down-less down jacket that generates heat

Japanese manufacturer Sumitomo Metal Mining Co developed a material that can absorb near infrared rays, which they used to create a jacket that can generate heat from sunlight.

The jacket, called Down-less Down Jacket, has the appearance of a puffer jacket, but the translucent material shows there are no feathers in slight. The jacket is made from a material called Solament and is the first project that showcases the functional aspects of the material.

The material is made of near-infrared ray absorbing nanoparticles, invented in 2002 by Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. It absorbs the near-infrared rays contained in sunlight.

The Jacket generates heat upon exposure to sunlight, eliminating the need for feathers or other filling materials. According to the company, “Its warmth rivals, if not surpasses, that of conventional down jackets.”

Due to its high transparency, Solament can be used not only for clothing, but also in other materials and industries, such as glass, vinyl, automotive parts, building materials and agriculture.

Photos: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co