Programmable packaging paper

Japanese thinktank Takt Project developed programmable paper, which forms into pre-programmed 3D shapes when it dries.

The material was inspired by pinecones, the scales of which open and close with changes in humidity. The scales close when it is rainy, to protect the seeds. On a sunny day, the scales open to let out the seeds.

To make the programmable material, a type of paper called PASCO was used, as it responds to humidity. One side is coated with UV silk screen printing. When the paper dries after being moist, it shrinks a lot, but as the coating does not shrink, the paper is forced to bend rather than shrink.

The intended use for the material is wrapping items. It was presented at the Takeo Paper Show in late 2023, with the theme ‘Packaging – Function and Laughter’.

Photos: amana inc.