A quick-to-construct modular building system

Quadra is a quick-to-assemble and affordable modular buildings system that uses a minimum amount of materials.

The system consists of standard sandwich construction panels, which can be made of any type of material, from cardboard to plastic and wood, or other biobased materials. The panels do not need to have constructive properties and can be selected on properties like insulation value, acoustic properties, etcetera.

The frame of the houses is currently made of steel, a CO2 intensive material, but uses a minimal amount. Steel can also be recycled at end-of-life. Potentially, however, the frame could be made of wood.

All house models consist of modular prefabricated building parts that are assembled on site, with a minimal amount of tools required. Manufacturing does not require on-site welding, glue or nails; all components can simply be clicked together. This also means the house can easily be disassembled after use.

The components are purchased in a package. Each package contains all the parts needed to assemble one home module. Because the design is modular, the system can be used to build any type of house, from tiny house to villa.

The first house will be built in the coming months on the innovation site of the former Suikerunie sugar factory in Groningen, the Netherlands. In the coming years, experiments will be conducted with circular construction in a residential area where 1,500 homes will be built.

Photos: Quadra