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A duvet made with waste oyster shells

Cerapi is an anti-bacterial and breathable duvet made of waste oyster shells.

Every year, more than ten million tons of oysters are consumed worldwide, with the shells left over as waste. Cerapi recycles these shells into a fibre called Smawarm. The oyster shells are dried, pulverized and melted into fibres which are spun into a filler material.

The material retains the calcium of the oyster shells, which has porous properties and filter out odours and bacterial mites. In addition, the material is said to absorb infrared rays to transport heat.

The duvet consists of two layers of Smawarm, with a layer of Sorona in the middle, which is a partially plant-based polymer. The shell fabric is made of plain old polyester.

The duvet is currently available on Kickstarter.

Images: Cerapi