A recycled bridge

Located in Oude IJsselstreek, the Netherlands, the so-called ‘(Oer)brug’ is made of steel of its predecessor, iron from demolition waste and environmentally friendly enhanced pinewood with a life expectancy of at least 50 years.

The (Oer)brug replaces its predecessor, a foot and bicycle bridge called Hoge Brug – Melkvonder. It’s the first circular bridge in the area.

Designed by demolition company Dusseldorp Infra Sloop en Milieutechniek, the new bridge recycles almost all components of the old bridge. Its supporting structure is made of the steel of its predecessor, reinforced with iron from the demolition of a pipe factory in the area. The use of iron also reminds of the iron-rich history of the region.

For the deck, pinewood has been used that has been environmentally friendly improved. The usage of new wood is compensated by planting new trees, which will be ready for use in 28 years.

The life expectancy if the bridge is at least 50 years. After that, it can be circularly reused once more.

Images via Oude IJsselstreek / Dusseldorp Infra, Sloop en Milieutechniek