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A floating cathedral made of urban waste

Along with creative studio D/DOCK and impact innovation agency Max-G, Dutch social enterprise Plastic Whale announced a floating ‘cathedral’, made of urban waste streams.

Called Cathedrall (written with two l’s to refer to ‘for everyone’), the building will be a multidisciplinary place where individuals, companies and government come together to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. This is done through education, lectures and exhibitions.

Plastic Whale aims to make the circular economy more tangible, and bring people together who want to do things differently. They believe that the most groundbreaking solutions are created by bringing together all kinds of people, ideas and technologies.

The cathedral is currently only a concept. The parties still need a berth, a pontoon to build on, construction partners, urban waste materials, producers with innovative circular technologies, and investors.

Image: Cathedrall