A high-rise building made of repurposed urban waste

Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 360 Degrees is the tallest building in its district, built from bricks made of recycled urban waste.

Designed by Studioninedots, the apartment building contains 152.585 kg of demolition waste. The bricks, in the colour ‘Blackpepper’, were developed by Stonecycling and Architectural Materials Amsterdam (AMA).

The challenge of the facade effect, which gradually transitions from black to white is that the companies had to search for pure white construction waste as well as pure black, and various shades of grey to blend the two. Inside the building, some of the stones have been used in a sawn version, literally making the demolition waste visible.

The design of this building has been developed integrally with the adjacent urban development plan Cityplot Buiksloterham and shares the same ambitions regarding flexibility, circularity and social sustainability.

Photos: Sebastiaan van Damme