A plant-based fibre fill insulation material

UK-based start-up Saltyco developed a plant-based fibre fill insulation material which was used in a capsule collection by fashion label YOOX.

Saltyco is a materials science company with the aim to make planet-positive textiles. Earlier, they developed a freshwater-free textile made of salt-tolerant plants (read more about this here).

The fibre fill material, called BioPuff, is a vegan and plastic free alternative to goose down and the fibre fill insulation materials. It is made of “a high carbon-sequestering crop that uses alternative water sources for growth”, avoiding the consumption of freshwater resources. The fibre is extracted from plants grown with regenerative agricultural methods that repair damaged land. The material traps heat and has excellent insulating properties.

The collection by YOOX also uses Amni Soul Eco, a said to be biodegradable polyamide yarn, as outer shell material. The collection includes an oversized jacket, quilted trousers, a bucket hat.

Photos: Saltyco / YOOX