Luxurious packaging printed with natural minerals

The Packadore Collective, a collective of various packaging and printing brands to make packaging more sustainable, developed a new packaging design for natural candles made from recycled cardboard and a powder coating of natural minerals for a luxurious look.

Called ‘Natures Candles’, the conceptual candles are made of hydrogenated soybean oil and non-hazardous vegetable derived additives. The candles are stored in glass containers, which can be easily recycled because of the use of a mono-material and the lack of additional plastic or glue coated paper labels.

The outer packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard. To ensure the packaging is “as desirable and sustainable” as the candle inside, the outerpack is embellished with natural mineral powders to provide a premium look and feel.

The Packadore Collective consists of SGK Anthem, Vrijdag Premium Printing, Generous Minds, Neurensics, Kurz, and Merck. It’s the aim of the collective to design and implement sustainable packaging solutions.

Other concepts include reusable take-out containers, using embossing rather than printing on packaging, an alternative cap for metal and plastic seals, and a device that can determine if the content of jars is still edible. They even have a solution for the waste chocolate letters, a tradition in the Netherlands during the feast of Sinterklaas (St Nicolas) on 5 December. After the feast, more than a million chocolate letters are destroyed. Rather than making the letters out of one piece, they are constructed out of a single trapezoid shaped piece, which can be used to make any letter. The packaging of this chocolate letter is made from the waste shells of the cacao fruit and FSC fibres.

Images: Packadore