A reversable insole that warms or cools your feet

Climfeet by French company SoleCooler is a thermodynamic reversible insole that can heat or cool using only your footsteps.

Cold can put a strain on your body, and the insoles are designed so that performance isn’t compromised by cold feet. In addition, they also keep your feet cold on hot ground.

Climfeet features hundreds of patented miniature heat pumps, made up of 2 air-filled cells. Your foot acts as the compressor (compressing the air naturally heats it up) and the hyper-elasticity of the material acts as the expander (expanding the air through a nozzle naturally cools it down). This way, the soles do not need batteries as they are activated by your own footsteps. The insoles are made of 95% silicone and 5% copper.

The temperature rage of the insoles is -3.5 and +4 degrees Celsius from 7 steps, and they can be used on temperature zones between -40 and +60 degrees Celsius. They are designed, manufactured and packaged in France.

Photos: SoleCooler