Fabric that takes a 3D shape when steamed

Innovating clothing brand A-POC ABLE Issy Myake partnered with Nature Architects to create a flat fabric that takes a 3D shape when steamed.

Called Type-V Nature Architects Project, the process uses metamaterials to create clothing that requires minimal sewing. Compared with the conventional way of clothes-making, where a garment is made by cutting out separate parts sewn together, the system allows for a variety of more complex pleating techniques that could not be realized before.

The yarn in the fabric, called Steam Stretch by A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE, reacts to heat and contacts. Studying the properties of this transforming fabric, Nature Architects calculated the rate and structures of the contraction, and they developed an algorithm that automatically generates weave patterns. This way, they can create original garments that transform themselves from fabrics by applying heat to them.

The project not only explores the possibilities of clothing, but also furniture, lighting, and even architecture.

Photos: Issey Miyake